The importance of connectivity in a crisis

Connectivity in a crisis: an overview

Due to technological progress in the last twenty-five years, society has radically changed. Thanks to technologies such as 5G, the Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the world is going to change even more and faster. 

This technical evolution shows all its value in a crisis, in which the importance of having faster internet connectivity is essential4G has proved it so far and 5G will further improve the broadband speed, connectivity in rural areas, and the mobile operators’ structural capacity.

Technology as an essential response element in an emergency

 In 2020, COVID 19 caused a sanitary, economic, and social crisis that has been easier for citizens and companies to adapt to thanks to the Internet connection.

People made thousands and thousands of calls to healthcare centers requesting information about the virus. Moreover, company workers have sent many emails and many video conference calls via tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams. Technology improves the effectiveness with which healthcare institutions and emergency teams attend to people in need. Also, it has helped to keep companies up and running through teleworking.

In all the countries of the world, especially in those where the virus has spread the most, such as the USA, Brazil, India, Russia, Spain, or Italy, many people had to isolate themselves in their homes to protect themselves from the virus.

In this context, stable and wide-ranging connections are essential to improve the life quality and unite communities.

Just a few decades ago, a pandemic like this would have had a catastrophic impact. It would not have been possible to continue working or maintain access to vital services and amenities.

The feeling of apparent “normality” is remaining despite the COVID 19 pandemic thanks to broadband capabilities. Without the technological advances that we have seen in these recent years, this pandemic would have been much worse.

connectivity in a crisis antenna

The emotional, social, and work-related problem of not being connected

In crisis situations, and when a lockdown is imposed for weeks, there is a concern for people who do not have access to the internet. They are isolated from the news, from medical bulletins, and cannot be in contact with family and friends.

At a corporate level, employees who can’t access the internet can’t keep their jobs either because they haven’t the possibility to telecommute. The same thing happens with students who do not access to the network. According to Gartner, remote work is suddenly an overnight requirement for many. 

remote work connectivity in a crisis

Connectivity in crisis: requirements and next steps

To support the data traffic spike on WIFI networks due to self-isolation, the radio spectrum must be abundant. Stronger and more reliable networks are crucial in order to maintain a “normal” lifestyle. Besides, the need for better connections is more urgent than ever.

To improve the strongness of these connections, national authorities must act now. First of all, they have to accelerate ongoing progress towards network upgrades. They also have toenable greater access to the Internet. With a strong connection, people can stay online and participate in the well-being of others and work together to ensure vital information and services are provided.

There are some examples of organizations that are collaborating to expand connectivity. For example, the Gigabit Libraries Network is providing WIFI access points outside of libraries in order to provide access to public information to millions of US families. Microsoft is also engaging to provide essential broadband services and support communities living in rural areas.

When it comes to OPP, we offer a complete solution to manage the internet parameters of your customer’s devices in order to keep you connected. Check out this page if you want to know more about our product.

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