Will BARD be the new CHAT GPT competition?

Last December Google brought to light a new artificial intelligence (AI) called “Bard“. The new chat of the company Google that addresses conversational AI and that aims to revolutionize companies. 

Although its launch has not yet been official, many industries and users call it “Google’s answer to GPT Chat”. 

What is Bard? 

Traditionally, users tend to use Google as a search engine, a computer system that facilitates obtaining information and allows us to access different content based on a keyword.  However, after the launch of different artificial intelligences, Google has brought to light in December 2022, a new formula by integrating search engines “lambda”, an artificial intelligence language. This new chat has been called “Bard”. 

Bard, the new artificial intelligence developed by Google’s programmers, promises users to get much more accurate answers to their questions. This is possible thanks to the use of deep learning technology that is used to process natural language. In addition, as mentioned above, Bard is based on “lambda”, “Language Model for Dialogue Applications” that allows you to integrate other data, such as geographical location, to provide more specific answers. 

With this breakthrough, Google hopes to address natural language comprehension issues that have been a concern for tech companies. This is especially important for developers, like Google, who are trying to build apps that better understand human language. 

How will it work? 

We want to remind our readers that Bard is not yet available to users. So, you still can’t get a full version of what it can offer.  

According to Pichai, CEO of the company, “it seeks to combine the breadth of global knowledge with the power, intelligence and creativity of our great linguistic models.” 

Therefore, Google’s goal is to revolutionize its current search engine, being a conversational engine with which you can talk and get a fluid and automatic response on any topic or topic.  

Being an additional function within Google, which will not need to download a new application, but will be integrated into current search engines, being an option that Internet users can use. 

In this way, we assume that it will be similar to the integration of GPT Chat in the BING search engine. Microsoft’s servers have introduced in their search engine a banner with which you can make queries and interact with the chatbox, allowing you to obtain quotes and sources from where it collects such information. However, it is a tester that has not yet been moved to all countries, nor does it allow access to all users. 

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Differences with CHAT GPT  

As everyone knows Chat GPT is the best-known artificial intelligence in the year 2022. Being the computer and AI application that has caused greater expectation and claim in this last year worldwide. 

The company OPEN AI represents the second fastest growing company in the history of the internet. In just two months, CHAT GPT registered more than 2 million active users worldwide and it is estimated that more than 12 million users use this computer application per day during the month of January 2023, doubling the users of the month of December of the previous year.  

If you want to know the immense growth of this application. Next, I leave you a link to a news that details it in depth. 

1 Internet connection

Bard will be connected to the internet This latest machine learning tool from Google provides much greater accuracy than its predecessor, allowing for more up-to-date information by extracting data available on the web.  Unlike Chat GPT, which only logs data until September 2021.

2 Processing

Bard will be powered by a version of lamba “Language Model for Dialogue Applications“, Google’s artificial intelligence processor that allows you to optimize and improve processor performance. 

On the other hand, CHAT GPT of OPEN AI, uses a linguistic model of artificial intelligence GP T-3″ that generates texts similar to human language and is able to understand and answer questions. 

In conclusion,  Google’s new Bard is a promising solution to natural language comprehension problems. It offers more accurate results than those provided by Chat GPT and improves the experience of Google’s search engines. 

Even so, there is no doubt that both intelligences have exceptional potential, which will change the way both users and companies work. 

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