Types of cyberattacks and measures to prevent them

The situation in Spain in recent years is being decisive in matters of business cybersecurity due to the growing increase in cyberattacks. 

We currently find numerous types of cyberattacks that sneak into our system with the purpose of stealing compromised confidential information and data for companies. Luckily there are several ways to prevent these cyberattacks and keep your company protected.  

In this article you will be able to know the different types of cyberattacks that exist today and how to prevent them.  

Increase in cyberattacks 

In recent years there has been an increase in cyberattacks on both individuals and companies. In Spain, a total of 40,000 cyberattacks per day occurred in the last year, which represents an increase of 125% compared to previous years.  

The most affected are medium and small companies since they do not make large investments in cybersecurity, which makes them more vulnerable to these digital attacks.  

Cyberattacks are causing large monetary losses, it is estimated that between 2,000 to 50,000 euros in SMEs and around 3.6 million in large companies.   

Types of cyberattacks 

According to their nature, cyberattacks are classified into four groups: 

  • Cybercrime: are those cyberattacks related to economic purposes, using techniques such as phishing for identity theft of people or companies and in this way carry out bank fraud.  
  • Cyberespionage: This type of cyberattack is directly related to the cybersecurity of companies, stealing confidential and valuable information from customers, employees or businesses.   
  • Cyberterrorism: these are cyberattacks aimed at governments or countries, affecting public services such as health and defense. They are usually cyberattacks targeting the public sector.  
  • Hacktivism: The target of these cyberattacks is something ideological and social. Hackers violate pages of private companies or the government even from the user’s own computer, without having proof of what is happening, as a symbol of protest.  

Measures to prevent cyberattacks on company assets 

Cybersecurity is a factor with little economic investment in a large part of companies, mainly SMEs. However, the increase in cyberattacks has caused many companies to begin to see cybersecurity as a primary and necessary element to safeguard their information and protect their company. 

Below, you can find some basic measures aimed at protecting computer systems and having the possibility of preventing any cyberattack: 

  • SLL Certified Web Pages 

Para online business is an essential factor, avoiding hacks on the website or theft of information, it is important that the website of a company has a security certificate, the SSL certificate. 

  • Strong passwords 

Consider strong passwords those that do not contain personal data or anything related to the user.  

It is recommended that these passwords combine uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some symbol. It is also essential to change passwords from time to time.  

  • Back up 

This is a way to ensure that information will not be lost in the event of cyberattacks. One of the basic recommendations in the field of cybersecurity is to periodically make security copies in computer systems.  

Only 10% of SMEs perform backups on their computer systems, despite being an essential measure.  

  • Protect your computer 

An effective way to protect your company against cyberattacks is to have a cybersecurity system that contains the necessary services and that best suits your needs for the protection of the company.  

  • Keep systems up to date 

The constant updating of equipment is a basic measure for the prevention of cyberattacks.  

Systems must run the latest software for data to be safe.  

Measures to prevent cyberattacks through employees  

It is  essential to take into account these basic measures mentioned above, but in many cases the threat can infiltrate through other channels.  Here we tell you 5 other measures to be able to cyberprotect your company.   

Employees, for their part, also play a decisive role in the cybersecurity of a company.  In many cases cyberattacks appear in environments independent of the company’s computer systems, a very common cyberattack is that of phishing through the emails of workers, for this reason it is important to consider the following measures:  

  • Educate employees on cybersecurity 

It is necessary for employees to know the importance of cybersecurity and techniques to avoid cyberattacks.  

One of the most important issues is the knowledge of phishing attacks, since they are usually the most common.  

  • Limit access to employee information 

Only those who need it to be able to carry out their work should have access to information. 

It is essential to have tools to monitor the company’s network and in this way it is possible to know at all times the flow of information of this.  

  • Expert advice 

As you have seen, having a good cybersecurity system is essential, but for this it is necessary to have an expert in the field to guide you and advise you on cybersecurity services.  

At Centum Digital we have cybersecurity experts who study your needs and your areas of greatest risk to advise you with the solutions most adapted to your needs.  

  • Use security protocols 

It is a key factor to establish security standards and protocols among employees when it comes to the use of computers, email or databases.  

CENTUM Digital specialists in Cybersecurity 

At CENTUM Digital we are specialists in cybersecurity and we develop individualized strategies for each company. Our experts carry out a previous analysis of the assets to propose the most suitable solutions.   

We are aware and create solutions tailored to each company, so that cybersecurity is not a privilege of large corporations. If you need to know more about our solutions, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can bring you the proposal that best suits you.  


At Centum we help you protect your company against cybersecurity attacks and we help you focus your resources on the areas of greatest risk.


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