The value of cybersecurity for data protection

Currently, cybersecurity includes one of the most important aspects in the world of technology. Being one of the main concerns of the government and companies around the world.

This concern is due to the fact that cyberattacks have become a growing activity and there is an increasing concern for privacy and data security. This has led to a greater understanding of the importance of cybersecurity in data protection.

Data in the digital age

Data is currently one of a company’s most important assets. This data collects vital and crucial information about customers, suppliers, operations, and workers, among others.  Any type of breach or security breach can have a significant impact on organizations.

The Covid19 pandemic highlighted the importance of companies’ digital transformation. This transformation ushered in the digital age.

What is the Digital-first era?

Digital First is a strategy used by companies focused on prioritizing the transformation of resources in the digital. In this way, organizations have reorganized to digitize processes and transform their entire corporate culture towards the digital environment.

This increase in technological resources has increased parallel the generation of data and the need to protect it.

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Cybersecurity in data protection

As we discussed in our previous blog, cybersecurity has gained a greater presence in recent years.

The current security architecture is designed to help protect both companies and individual users from potential vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.

This technology comprises a large field of study, which includes various techniques and practices, designed to protect networks, systems, data. Among them are, security management, procedures to protect information, prevention and detection of intrusions, security breaches, among others.

It picks up a critical part of any organization’s information security, helps protect private data and prevent data destruction, disruption of computer systems and unauthorized access to information.

Some concepts to protect information

Data security is of utmost importance to all people and organizations.

  • Data security engineer

Computer security engineers have as their main objective to protect the network from any threat. In charge of designing and building systems that ensure total data protection and avoid security breaches, such as the protection of equipment.

It covers a wide range in this protection, from launching security tests, code reviews on a regular basis, to creating security models and architectures.

  • Encryption

Encryption refers to the protection of data and files stored on the computers and systems of any computer or device in the company. It forms a vital part for any business that keeps data stored in the cloud and covers a great way to protect files, hard drives or data.

Making it difficult for potential cybercriminals to access, leaving unreadable data for those who dare to enter without prior authorization.

  • Vulnerability analysis

It is the process used to increase the security of work environments, in which gaps are explored and vulnerabilities are assessed. Vulnerabilities are failures or installation errors that hackers can take advantage of to get into our systems.

  • Firewall

Firewall is a network security system for computers that restricts network traffic and blocks unauthorized access. Used especially in the intranet of companies or local networks.

They set up a line of defense that prevents the theft of passwords or sensitive data.

  • DLP

DLP or Data Loss Prevention is a data prevention system that aims to prevent any type of information leakage. It is a set of tools and processes that usually incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning knowledge.

Able to extend all their knowledge to all work teams.

  • General Data Protection Regulation

Since May 25, 2018, any organization that markets products or services in any member country of the European Union must comply with this regulation.

Today, there are numerous companies that protect your data following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations.  Regulations that constitute a legal framework that regulates the protection of personal data, and information relating to individuals and within the business environment includes implications in all areas or departments.

Importance of investing in cybersecurity solutions

From CENTUM Digital we want to help our readers and remind them of the vital importance of investing in cybersecurity solutions that protect companies from any type of intrusion.

Therefore, we have designed specific cybersecurity solutions that help prevent data leakage and reduce possible impacts on companies.


At Centum we help you protect your company against cybersecurity attacks and we help you focus your resources on the areas of greatest risk.
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