The involvement of IOT in MVNO

The digital transformation of companies is essential at this time. Automation and cloud computing are evolving in a space that enables artificial intelligence or AI programming to facilitate improvements in productivity and efficiency with many economic benefits.  

We are currently in the new industrial and mining revolution in converting data into information, called industry 4.0. This period of evolution includes the Internet of Things (IOT) technology. 

What does the term “Internet of Things” refer to? 

IOT or internet of things is the technology that is changing the current way we live. This term comes from the English term “internet of things” and is commonly used to define all devices that surround consumers, specifically all Smart devices.  

In short, it is the interconnection of intelligent or computer devices integrated into everyday objectives, which allows information to be obtained through the internet. They represent all those devices that can connect to the internet and collect key information from their environment, allowing data monitoring.  

An advantage that this technology highlights is its application since it can be applicable to different purposes. This conclusion leads us to how to take advantage of the Internet of Things in virtual mobile operators.  

How to apply the IOT in mobile virtual operators? 

Currently we can differentiate between two types of operators, traditional mobile operators and mobile virtual network operators. If you want to know more about this issue, then I leave you a news about the main differences. 

If we focus on mobile virtual network operators, they are those that lack a network of their own. To offer internet to users they rent the network to other operators. In this way, they are characterized by being flexible and modular operators. 

For all the above, it could be said that IOT technology represents a great opportunity for MVNOs, because these operators can customize services and develop more innovative solutions. 

Since the goal of Internet of Things technology is to efficiently use the resources that are available, digitizing and transforming today’s society into a smarter society. Like MVNOs, they have adapted to a digital transformation to be more flexible. 

How new technologies adapt to MVNOs 

Historically, mobile operator networks are characterized by growth and innovation. The market for mobile virtual network operators continues to grow at a considerable rate.  

Today’s technology offers greater connectivity and flexibility. With the implementation of 5G, operator networks are focusing on connectivity solutions related to cloud connection and artificial intelligence (AI) services. 

Discover how the 5g network will change our lives, have a look at this news. You can miss it! 

These MVNOs will offer the possibility of combining the specific connection needs of customers with IoT technology, which will allow to obtain data on the performance of the devices, as well as more efficient operations. Turning service virtualization into new lines of business in the world of telecommunications. 

 Why is IOT so important in companies? 

The incorporation of this technology could be a key factor for companies. Focusing on 3 main aspects: 

  •  Data connectivity and integration  

Due to the large volume of data generated by the interconnection of the devices, the use of the equipment could be efficiently monitored and managed. Allowing to optimize the tasks and avoiding possible future errors that suppose economic expenses. 

  • Customer Customization 

The implementation of this technology would mean an improvement when analyzing data on user habits. Developing a better interaction with customers and suppliers.   

This data will not only expand the knowledge of customers, but also allow greater personalization of these.  

  • Innovation and transformation 

The mobile operator market is constantly changing and growing. The adoption of new technologies would mean the opening of new lines of business. In this way, it is expected that the deployment of the 5G network and the development of the IOT, will mean a growth in mobile connections. 

The GSMA says enterprise IOT connections will reach 25 billion in the coming years.  

CENTUM Digital specialist in APN configuration 

At CENTUM Digital we consider updating and innovation essential in organizations. Therefore, we have developed a solution for mobile virtual operators, offering simplicity for both users and operators. Through two simple steps, we optimize the APN configuration. 

With OPP, our automated configuration solution we have managed to improve the user experience, improving the quality of services, and allowing the internet connection of thousands of devices. 



MVNOs have very special needs. At Centum Digital we are aware of this and we know that generic services for Telco do not always apply to MVNOs.
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