The importance of Quality Assurance

Today we are in an era dominated by instant gratification, where immediacy and digital predominate. Thanks to new technologies, customers seek to minimize waiting times and get results as quickly as possible. This has not gone unpunished for companies, who have had to adapt their strategies to meet strong customer expectations.  

For all the above, Quality Assurance (QA) has been increasing in importance over time. 

What is Quality Assurance? 

Quality Assurance is the quality assurance process that helps companies verify that the products or services they offer meet established standards. 

It is about the realization of continuous quality controls that seek to eradicate possible software errors. In practice, it is carried out through validations, which evaluate and collect the execution processes of a program or application. 

At CENTUM Digital, we have been developing specific tools and improving our methodology since 2015 with experts in the field. These control stages are called testing, in which the efficiency and reliability of the products are verified as mentioned above. 

Currently, the power of automation has allowed the development of test automation, streamlining the most complex processes. Next, I leave you a news where the advantages of automation are detailed. 

However, manual testing is still important, since it allows detailed analysis, in which it allows us to obtain more realistic perspectives. Being the combination of both tests, complementary for the perfect development of the process.  We present the differences and advantages between the two here 

Why is software testing necessary? 

All kinds of software testing and control are required, as these actions identify and correct possible errors well in advance, which saves companies a lot of time.    Running this type of test  involves: 

– Evade possible future errors 

– Ensure the functionality of products or services 

– Grant confidence in each process 

– Improve function analysis and diagnostics 

– Facilitate the resolution of possible defects in the future 

-Increase the efficiency and productive capacity of each process 

-Maintain a good user experience 

-Ensure the actions of the applications 

All these characteristics result in cost savings, that is, it means increasing the profitability of the company, attracting higher profits.  Since it allows to increase the productive capacity, efficiency and agility of response to the user. 



What types of tests does Quality Assurance perform? 

Software testing performs tests focused on the functionality, performance, and maintenance of the functions of an application or software.  These tests fall into two categories, functional tests, and non-functional tests. 

Functional tests check how the application acts, helping to contrast the functions that the system performs, that is, they define if the specifications established for that product have been met. 

These are tests designed to measure the behavior and responsiveness of the application.  These tests help to verify if the pre-existing functionalities continue to work correctly, test thesystems and check that they are free of failures. 

The types of functional tests typically include unit, component, integration, smoke, and acceptance tests, among others. Due to their specificity, they are usually automated and lower cost tests. 

Non-functional tests  are tests related to maintenance, usability, and stability, among others. Evaluate software requirements. They check if the program complies with the previously defined standards. 

They are responsible for collecting data on the characteristics of the software, verifying its reliability, portability, security, the ease in which users access, the response time it takes for the software to act… 

There are a wide variety of non-functional tests, load tests, structure, safety, performance, stress, volume, compatibility … 

Benefits of QA 

Through Quality Assurance programs, companies constantly check their services, ensuring the operation of applications or products. This results in: 

  •  An improved user experience 

This improvement is translated into an increase in the NPS (Net Promoter Score), an indicator   of customer loyalty satisfaction, because it obtains a higher quality of the product from the beginning. 

  • Increased productivity of work teams 

Continuous and scheduled testing develops a better business strategy. 

In addition, as mentioned above, automation allows you to obtain faster feedback, eliminate repetitive jobs and reduce critical time to market. This leads us to say that software testing optimizes the business and increases the efficiency and productive capacity of each process. 

  • Cost savings 

It is worth mentioning, the significant saving of money involved in software testing, despite the initial investment involved, the company reduces labor and delay times in detecting errors.  Making it more economically profitable and cushioning the version. 

  • Time reduction and continuous integration 

Constant testing establishes a continuous flow of information that identifies problems well in advance and speeds up waiting times.  Significantly reducing the time spent to run tests. 

  • Increased availability of time and utilization 

The execution of automatic control tests detects failures wellin advance, allowing quick and effective solutions to be developed. 

  • Reduction of maintenance stoppages 

Together with the previous idea, the realization of exhaustive diagnoses and the constant verification of the functionality of the system, allows to reduce the stops of assistance.   

For all the above, at CENTUM Digital we consider it necessary to invest in a Quality Assurance program that provides your company with security and quality in your products or services. Therefore, we offer solutions through both manual and automatic testing program. 

If you require more information, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Automated Testing

Trabajar en ciclos cortos obliga a acelerar el Quality Assurance y, de manera manual, no siempre es posible.


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