Certification Expert Route Tool

When a company wants to certify an aeronautical equipment, it needs in-depth knowledge of the regulations and what the authority expects to receive.

Even when that company has that knowledge, a very large volume of documents is generated and many times, a small change in a document requires doing it again.

CERT is a tool that has integrated aeronautical certification knowledge and, in addition to guiding you through the process, allows you to automate document creation, allowing you to reduce costs and time.

What are you going to learn in this demo video?

In this video we show you an example of how CERT could create a PSAC (Plan for Software Aspects of Certification) with a top-down question process.

In this example we see the DO-178 regulation implemented in the tool, but the same applies to the HW part and the high-level regulations such as CS or FAR.

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