Automation and Standarization of Documents

What is ASDOC?

ASDOC is a tool to automate and standardize any document, reducing human intervention.
It helps to reduce repetitive employee workload through a guided process.

Problem solved

The internal processes of companies require generating many documentation every day.

  • It wastes the effort and time of employees who could be dedicated to more valuable activity, harming the company’s productivity.
  • It demotivates employees by having to repeatedly perform the same documents, resulting in job dissatisfaction.
  • The documents are not standardized and companies have different interpretations of the same document.

How it works?

Download ASDOC datasheet to know more about the tool

  1. All your company’s documentation will be standardized, making it easy to review.
  2. The time saved in these repetitive activities could be invested in more valuable activities reducing the cost per hour worked of the company.
  3. It helps employees to focus on what is important by reducing necessary interruptions and increasing the level of satisfaction in being able to concentrate on their projects.
  4. The lack of experience will no longer be a problem: the process is guided, and it can also serve as training.
  5. You will find an increased productivity in your company.


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