Critical Systems Engineering

CENTUM Digital has more than 16 years of experience in the provision of critical systems engineering services in the most demanding environments, such as in the aeronautical, naval, defence, railway and automotive sectors. These services are largely aimed at certification, safety, environmental qualification and HW/SW assurance processes.

What sets us apart

  • We have more than 16 years of experience in carrying out critical systems engineering projects.
  • Key industry players have put their trust in us from the start.
  • We are specialists in product assurance and have in-depth knowledge of regulations and how they are interpreted and applied.
  • Starting in the demanding aeronautical sector, we specialise in different sectors and adapt to the requirements of each environment and regulation.
  • We guide our clients all the way from the conceptualisation of the product or system to its final certification.

Clients who have placed their trust in us

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Certification Support

Certification, regardless of the standard (ARP-4754, FAR-21, CS-25, etc.), is a fundamental process involved in the development of a transport platform, which could have catastrophic consequences in the event of failure.

At CENTUM Digital, we guide you through all stages of the certification process, from conceptualisation, planning, certification requirements, verification and validation, as well as in dealings with the certification authorities. Not only do we offer you advice, we can also prepare documentation and help you to optimise timing and costs using automation tools.


CERT is a tool that guides you through the processes of certification and automation of document generation.


In addition, we are aware that these developments require a large amount of documentation that is not delivered to the authority but is also necessary.

At CENTUM Digital we have other types of tools that automate and standardize the document generation of your company.

Safety Analysis

Analysing the safety of systems is key to identifying risks and the associated likelihood of failure. This analysis provides a basis for determining the criticality of the systems to be developed, which will have a significant influence on the planning, the processes themselves and their design.

At CENTUM Digital, we assist you with the preparation of the associated documentation in line with the applicable standards (ARP-4761, DEF-STAN-0056, MIL-STD-882, ISO26262, etc.). We advise you on critical decisions in order to ensure safety, optimising the necessary resources depending on criticality.

Hardware/software assurance

The applicable standards (DO-254, DO-178, MISRA C, etc.) and certification and safety requirements determine how the software and hardware design, development and testing processes are to be executed. If this falls short of a certain standard, there may be unpleasant surprises with regard to the end user or the certification authorities, which could result in major and costly redesigns.

At CENTUM Digital, we can advise you from the outset in order to avoid such issues and/or delivery delays. We can also assist you with the preparation of documentation, the design and development of software and hardware, as well as throughout the verification and validation phase. We rely on automation tools in all phases: design, coding and testing.


Environmental and EMC Qualification

When systems are integrated into a platform, there are certain environmental requirements that the equipment must meet to ensure that it can withstand hostile environments, such as salt spray, high pressures or temperatures and electromagnetic overload, as well as to prevent failures in the surrounding systems.

At CENTUM Digital, we help you to define these requirements, while taking into account the applicable standards (ECSS-Q-ST-70, MIL-STD-810, DO-160, etc.). What’s more, we devise the test plan, which we execute in certified laboratories, and prepare the relevant report.


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