Ensure that your web applications and projects are fully functional  

At CENTUM, we are experts in Quality Assurance for more than 15 years.  

To ensure that your web applications and projects are fully functional, it is essential to have an automation tool. To this end, CENTUM Digital has developed YaTT. 

YaTT is an automation tool on physical devices.

Our goal is to ensure that before launch all applications work correctly.
Our challenge is to get as much automation as possible to reduce costs due to repeat test runs and parallelize them to minimize time.

See how YaTT works

What is YaTT?

Yet Another Testing Tool is an automation tool that allows you to run predefined tests in order to ensure the proper functioning of applications and websites. 

YaTT is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that enables companies to reduce costs and minimize testing time. Our automation tool allows fully automatic and customizable reports.

YaTT Features

Fully compatible with iOS and Android devices

Two executions environments: cloud and on-site

Test on physical devices

Integrable via API with issue-tracking tools

Customizable reports

Clients who hace placed their trust in us

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