Automated Testing

Automated testing is here to stay. At Centum, we are experts in combining manual and automated disciplines to offer our clients the best of both worlds, speed and flexibility.


Our three rules of automation

  • We always work with real devices and do not use emulators.
  • With the exception of extreme cases, the system is not modified by testing in any way. We conduct the test without the device knowing that it is being tested.
  • We store as much detailed evidence as possible on the test, including network tracing, execution video and application logs.

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YaTT is a platform for automating apps. It provides a solution to the problem of automated test execution on a continuous basis. The platform was launched in 2015 and has been integrating new devices and functionalities ever since.

YaTT supports a wide range of device types, ranging from mobiles, tablets, OS and browser combinations, Linux set-top boxes, Android set-top boxes, smart TVs, to Chromecast © and Amazon Fire stick. This versatility in terms of devices offers our customers an integrated testing environment with excellent usability and replicability conditions.


IVR is a platform for the automated testing of chatbots and interactive voice platforms. The aim of the platform is to harness the power of cloud computing in order to subject chat bots and IVR platforms to automatic and continuous testing of their functionality.

It is common for chatbots and IVR services to be designed perfectly at the start, only for successive changes to be made to the business logic which results in systems being in differing states (changes to commercial offerings, emergency production, etc.). IVR testing allows for continuous monitoring of the platform, ensuring that the process runs correctly and that our users use it in a satisfactory manner.


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