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New methodologies, being more agile, require us to have very short development cycles. QA must be more exhaustive than ever to assist with development and, at the same time, swift so as not to hamper the go-to-market. At Centum, we know how to address this challenge.

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Automation has revolutionised testing. Working in short cycles forces us to speed up the QA process and this can’t always be achieved manually. This is why we’ve been developing specific tools and improving our methodology at Centum since 2015. We guarantee that you’ll only ever speak to genuine automation experts.

Automated testing is useful for those looking for…

Shorter test times ranging from 15 days to just a few hours, which means that the entire system can be tested on a daily basis.

Optimisation of the costs of each test, which makes it possible to perform more exhaustive tests at a lower price.

Detection and elimination of system failures before your customers get to it. Automated QA is an excellent monitoring tool.


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Manual testing deals with issues that automatic testing can’t solve. For example, imagine trying to create an automated test that measures the smoothness of transition between screens. In cases like this, we rely on manual testing, which allows for flexibility in the test plan and a level of detail in each test that automated testing can’t provide. At Centum, we have been testing everything from aircraft to mobile firmware since 2005. Rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Manual testing is useful for those looking for…

A reliable partner that offers you the flexibility needed for a manual testing environment.

A multidisciplinary testing team that tells you when it’s best to rely on automated testing and when to use manual testing as appropriate.

The opportunity to work with a company that will walk you through the entire testing process – from defining what you want to test, to preparing a testing report that delivers value from the outset.

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Every testing project is different and every organisation has different needs in terms of time, form and scope. That’s why we ask that you send us a short message outlining your situation. We’ll be more than happy to get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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