OPP, the solution for automatic APN configuration

At CENTUM Digital we are aware of the needs that the services of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have today, so we have created a solution that allows the automation of APN (Access Point Network) called OPP. 

The goal of OPP (Open Provision Platform) is to ensure the success of automatic configuration on the largest number of mobile devices through a personalized message service.  In which, through a simple SMS you can configure your device efficiently and quickly. 

Currently, the development of the internet is increasing the number of devices connected to the network. If you want to know in detail what are the latest trends of OMVS, read our latest news on the blog and discover the virtual operators list that provide their service in Spain. 

Because 30% of IOS users can’t configure their APN and 65% of Android users can’t either, our solution is compatible on over 700 IOS and Android devices, adaptable to the demand of as many devices as needed. 

OPP puts an end to these problems, by configuring the APN in 4 ways.

Do you want to know how? 

The configuration process can be initiated by the OPP platform itself or by the end user. Through different triggers for the process (Web, SMS, APP, API). 

Benefits provided by OPP  

OPP is designed to meet the challenges that mobile virtual network operator services face on a day-to-day basis. The use of automation to execute tasks allows minimization of costs and optimizes processes. 

Companies like DIGI have trusted CENTUM Digital integrating our solution which has allowed them to experience important benefits. 

  • Provide a better customer experience. 

Through a system that guarantees a stable and continuous connection. This means an increase in customer satisfaction and a reduction in calls to the call center. 

  • Improve your NPS (Net Promoter Score) 

Together with the improvement of experience and the product, customers are more satisfied, triggering an increase in the growth of loyalty of these and the quantitative growth of the percentage of satisfied customers. 

  • Monitoring through reports. 

By purchasing the automatic process, you get a report, which allows access to the tracking website in real-time. 

This information provides the company with greater communication which it enables it to respond quickly to any error and even to anticipate it. 

Updated OPP reports export the data in Excel format, where you can monitor the data by reference to the number of configurations, the date and time of each configuration, MSISDN to which the configuration was sent, the operating system, and the source of the configuration request. 

In such a way that each operator can monitor the service of the clients, being able to collect and evaluate all the information about each process. 

  • Transparency and simplicity 

Joined with the previous point, each interaction remains registered in the database. In addition, we provide operators with a detailed monthly report included with the aforementioned real-time monitoring. 

Innovation and technology 

At CENTUM Digital we consider innovation and updating as something essential for companies. Therefore, we offer an effective and flexible solution available for all smart devices. 

If you want to know in depth all our advantages, contact us, or sign up to see a demo from the hand of our professionals. 


MVNOs have very special needs. At Centum Digital we are aware of this and we know that generic services for Telco do not always apply to MVNOs.
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