New National Security Needs

The current dangers threatening our country are evolving every day. Our defence capabilities are being constantly challenged to stay one step ahead in order to ensure the safety and security of our citizens, our infrastructure and our other national interests (homeland security).

The application of new technologies in the field of national security plays a key role in this. The need for border surveillance, national surveillance, critical infrastructure protection and security against cyber-attacks (cyber security) has to be assessed and the way in technology can be used needs to be analysed.

New threats to confront


Drones and remotely-piloted aircraft have increased massively and are being used in a multitude of ways that are not always lawful. Their low cost and easy accessibility have made them an appealing tool for groups and organisations who pose a threat to security and privacy.

These devices have the potential to be deployed in many environments such as airports, prisons, strategic facilities, ships, etc. The main challenge in defending against drones is detecting them, locating them (both the drone and the operator) and then de-activating them.

Drones or UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) can be used for both espionage and attack purposes as they are capable of carrying weapons, toxic products and explosives. For example, in the recent Syrian conflict in 2020, US troops were attacked by drones carrying explosives.

It is therefore essential in current times that States, governments and other private organisations that need it have measures in place to defend and protect against drones and remotely-piloted aircraft.

At Centum we have an advanced drone detection and protection system capable of detecting threats. It creates a countermeasure shield, preventing drones from entering protected areas and diverting them to safe capture zones. Our NO FLY ZRONE© system is effective against most drones and RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System), detecting both the drones and their operators.

New National Security Needs


Another key security area is communications. If a communications system is compromised, it can negatively affect other defence systems, such as drone prevention or border surveillance. There are also many other crucial system networks that depend on communications, such as finance, transport, logistics etc.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen how cyber security is more relevant than ever. Due to mobility restrictions, the number of internet transactions has increased, and cyber-attacks on all types of users have also increased significantly. If we add to this the increase in remote working and the use of cloud-based services, we can see how virtual security is needed now more than ever.

A cyber-attack can have consequences on many different levels; from the leaking of different types of data (personal or corporate), to the loss of millions to businesses due to their services being blocked. These attacks can either be aimed at disabling services (so that no one can access them) or taking control of them and manipulating them. The latter can be particularly serious in the case of critical services or infrastructures.

Information security and defence against cyber-attacks should be a priority over the next few years due to the number of existing vulnerabilities and the growing number of threats. We will be able to use new tools such as artificial intelligence to improve threat identification, implement security methods using blockchain, employ advanced data encryption and implement security features in IoT devices.

At Centum we can help you protect your organisation against cyber-attacks according to your needs and your budget.

New National Security Needs

Surveillance of borders and critical infrastructures

Border control needs are complex and diverse given the varying characteristics of each country and area. They range from protecting against threats, the security of ports and other offshore facilities and the prevention of people and arms trafficking.

As well as borders, there is also a need for internal surveillance, especially of critical infrastructures (energy, nuclear industry, water supply, communications and transport, etc.) which by their nature are exposed to a multitude of risks and threats. We have already mentioned the risk of cyber-attacks on these infrastructures, but this is not the only threat. Terrorist acts are another major threat to these systems. There are global dangers such as the jihadist threat that can have grave consequences, as we have unfortunately seen before.

Espionage is another major threat, whether it be carried out by other countries or companies. Various systems and critical infrastructures can be targets for extracting information.

Nature can also occasionally unleash disasters that impact on the well-being of our society and its economic development and security.

In short, any threat to strategic infrastructures can have serious consequences that could affect the country’s essential services and therefore its security.

At Centum we help protect what matters most.

The number of threats to national, organisational and corporate security is arguably greater than ever before. That is why it is more crucial than ever to enlist the help of allies to defend and protect your interests.

At Centum, we have a wealth of capability and experience in the field of communications and signal intelligence for aerospace, defence, emergency, national security and telecommunications. We design, develop and market products and solutions for use in the enforcement of border control, search and rescue missions, firefighting, drone protection and surveillance against jamming and cyber-attacks.

If you would like any further information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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