Cost calculator manual configuration by APN

Calculate the real costs for your call center service

With this calculator you will be able to discover the cost that may affect your call center service if you continue to use a manual APN configuration for your users.

If you think that your costs are too high, you can drastically reduce them by changing your manual configuration services to an automated system.

Variable Data


The result shows the cost of operation without OPP

Con OPP, solución automatizada de APN de Centum Digital
puedes ahorrar hasta un


Reduce your costs

Now that you know the costs, maybe you would like us to tell you how to reduce them. You just have to schedule a meeting with us. We are at your disposal.


Impact on the call center service of manual APN configuration costs

We have a demo video prepared for you in which you can discover the automation systems that will allow you to reduce call center costs.