APN Manual configuration cost calculator


Do you know exactly how much it costs your company to carry out manual APN configuration and how much you could save by automating it?

OMVs have very special requirements: they need flexible, cost-effective solutions with very little integration and rapid implementation. At Centum Digital we are aware of this and know that generic services for telcos do not always apply to OMVs
Users frequently have to carry out an APN configuration (when registering as a new customer, when changing mobile or when there are changes in the configuration of the system). The difficulty of performing this process manually means that up to 50% of users have to request help from the company, with the costs that this generates in call center hours of service.

With this calculator you’ll be able to discover the cost that your call center service may have to incur if you continue using a manual APN configuration for your users.

What does our calculator offer you?

The calculator works out the cost of operating without OPP-OTA based on your company’s number of APN configurations, so that you can take steps to save money, such as automatic configuration.