Automated APN solution

OPP is a solution that allows the automatic configuration of APN for MVNOs.  Provides the easiest solution to get consumers connected. 

MVNOs have very special needs, requiring flexible, cost-effective, low integration, and rapid deployment solutions.  

To solve these problems we have created OPP, an automated APN configuration solution. 

See how OPP works

What is OPP?

Open Provisioning Platform is a set of systems and methods that allows automatic configuration of an APN’s mobile devices in an optimized way.

Manual APN configuration is a great effort both for the user and the MVNO because it means that up to 50% of users have to ask for help from the company, with the costs that this generates in the call center.

Through a text message, the customer can configure their device. 

OPP Features

Fully compatible with iOS and Android devices 

Enter your phone number and install the APN configuration message

More than 700 devices to help users identify their phones

Monitor service, get information and download reports

What are the benefits?

OPP, CENTUM Digital’s APN configuration automation solution allows you to:

  • Increase your NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Reduce your Churn Rate
  • Reduce call center costs
  • Reduce installation times
  • Install the solution on any device


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