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MVNOs have very specific needs and require flexible and cost-effective solutions involving little integration effort and rapid deployment. At Centum Digital, we understand this and are aware that generic telecommunications services are not always suitable for MVNOs.

We are specialists

  • Solutions specifically designed (not adapted 😊) for MVNOs.
  • Let’s face it, price matters. That’s why we work with you to determine whether our solution truly brings you cost-effective value.
  • We know the world isn’t perfect. That’s why our services are designed with the realities of business in mind.
  • Designed in the cloud, not because of the trend, but because we firmly believe that flexibility is achieved by design.

What we offer


APN configuration is an almost transparent task in full operators, but it’s not so straightforward for MVNOs. At Centum Digital, we have created the OPP-OTA platform that can configure the APN in a way that is almost transparent to the user.

We have designed this platform around 3 fundamental pillars:

Simplicity for the operator:

  • Three levels of integration, ranging from 72-hour integration where we don’t require the assistance of the MVNO, to integration via SMSC.


Simplicity for the end user:

  • The customer self-configures from a web portal or receives the message sent from the call centre.
  • If automatic configuration is not feasible, the platform is linked to a catalogue of more than 6,000 guides on manual device configuration.



  • Each iteration is recorded in our database, but the data will always belong to you, can be downloaded at any time and is updated in real time.
  • The operator receives a report detailing configurations on a monthly basis.

OPP: Optimize your APN configuration in two steps

It is easy to trivialize the work of a call center, but those of us who know it are aware of the complexity of its work. At Centum Digital we believe that a call center, especially an MVNO, requires tools to automate its work and proactively communicate with clients.

The accumulation of calls due to errors or doubts in the APN configuration can generate large costs that affect your call center.

With OPP, our automated setup solution, your customers will be able to connect to the internet in just two easy steps.
Would you like to know how?

Clients who have placed their trust in us

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Power to the call centre

It’s easy to dismiss the work of call centres. But those of us who have experience with them are aware of the complexity of their work. At Centum Digital, we believe that call centres, especially in an MVNO, require tools that can automate their work and allow them to proactively communicate with customers.

SACBird is the ultimate tool for automating outbound calls in minutes. The days of diallers are long gone. Clients are tired of receiving unanswered calls. SACBird allows you to devise streamlined outbound call strategies.


Calculate how much your call center can save

Discover with our calculator how our APN configuration system can mean substantial savings for your company.



New methodologies, being more agile, require us to have very short development cycles. QA must be more exhaustive than ever to assist with development and, at the same time, swift so as not to hamper the go-to-market. At Centum, we know how to address this challenge.


Cybersecurity should respect the principle of protecting what is truly important –with the necessary measures at an effective cost. We’ll tell you how it’s done.


CENTUM Digital has more than 16 years of experience in the provision of critical systems engineering services in the most demanding environments, such as in the aeronautical, naval, defence, railway and automotive sectors. These services are largely aimed at certification, safety, environmental qualification and HW/SW assurance processes.


Based on our extensive experience in electronic, communications and software engineering, we offer Industry 4.0 and connected industry projects and solutions. These help to optimise industrial processes by means of digitalisation and big data and artificial intelligence algorithms.


Systems Engineering

The future of drones

In this article, Bartolomé Marqués Balaguer, deputy director general of Aeronautical Systems at INTA for more than 20 years, gives us his first-hand view on

Quality Assurance

The power of Automation

Nowadays all companies seek convenience, efficiency and speed when developing and carrying out their computer processes to detect any errors and vulnerabilities that may exist. 


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