MVNO: why you should switch to an automated APN configuration.

One of the main reasons users opt for MVNOs is due to their ease and simplicity, both in terms of contracting and in terms of the services required. 

From the users’ perspective, having to face a network access problem as soon as they’ve initiated portability is something that clashes head-on with their priorities and needs, something that can lead to money and even the customer being lost.

A manual APN configuration becomes an insurmountable hurdle for most users, who are unable to do it themselves and have to call customer services to ask for help. Even if the problem is resolved in the initial phone call, it still causes a degree of frustration on the part of the customer.  

This is a problem for the company, since it involves allocating significant resources and represents significant expense in terms of call centre staff.

To solve this problem and help MVNOs improve the delivery of their services, Centum Digital has developed OPP.

OPP, the automation solution for APN configuration.

OPP offers a simple and accessible solution so that users can automatically configure their APN by SMS, thereby avoiding customer dissatisfaction problems and removing a significant workload from the call centre.

It’s a simple and flexible solution, and these qualities ensure that it’s easy to implement quickly and cost-effectively, making it a highly attractive option for MVNOs.

Why you should switch to an automated APN configuration

How does it work?

The premise is that it should be a quick and easy process so that most users can auto-configure their own APN in a matter of seconds, without any need to contact customer service.

When users insert a SIM card into their device, they will automatically receive an SMS. This SMS will enable them to perform automatic APN configuration, so they’ll be able to connect to the network using their device in a matter of seconds. In most cases, the process will end there, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining service quality.

But even in the event that the configuration is not successful, for example because the user does not see the SMS and makes a call to the call centre, OPP helps to significantly reduce service times. This is because the customer service staff, instead of manually configuring the APN, will only have to inform users that they’ll receive an automatic configuration SMS and send it straightforwardly at that precise moment. So this time, users will know how to proceed to resolve their problem, ending the call quickly and efficiently and receiving excellent customer service with extremely tight service times.

Benefits of automatic APN configuration.

As you’ve seen, having an automatic APN configuration solution can offer numerous benefits for MVNOs, something that is especially appealing in these times of fierce competition in the sector. Let’s run through the most important ones.

  • Reduction of call center time and costs. With OPP, call centre costs and the time required to solve the problem in the event that users need attention are cut, leading to a reduction in costs. 
  • Reduction of installation times, because, automatically, the customer can have the services up and running in a few seconds, reducing the risk of human error in the installation.
  • Improved user satisfaction. The user will be able to access the service quickly and efficiently, which is essential for the usual MVNO customer profile.
  • Improved brand image compared to other MVNOs and to the major operators, helping to achieve an enhanced corporate image.  
  • Churn rate reduction caused by service access problems or dissatisfaction with the customer service received when speaking to the call centre.
  • NPS improvement, ensuring that users will be able to recommend your services.
  • Greater flexibility, given that the service is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Enhanced scalability. The automatic system will enable you to serve more users with fewer resources, allowing you to dedicate man-hours to other areas of the company. 

Why you should switch to an automated APN configuration

APN manual configuration cost calculator.

If you think that OPP can help your organization, want to ascertain the costs and what you could save with APN configuration, you can use the calculator we have designed.

Based on your data, the calculator reveals the cost of operating without OPP so that, armed with this information, you can take measures to help you optimize your services, such as, for example, implementing an automatic APN configuration system.

To use our manual calculator for manual configuration of an APN you just need to click here.

At Centum Digital we’re aware that generic telco solutions do not always meet the needs of MVNOs, which is why we develop solutions such as OPP. If you need more information about our services or would like to request a quote, please contact us.

APN manual configuration
cost calculator

With this calculator you’ll be able to discover the cost that your call center service may have to incur if you continue using a manual APN configuration for your users.
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