Is artificial intelligence the future of software testing development? 

Today, new technologies have revolutionized the world we live in. The progressive evolution of software development and Quality Assurance testing has led to new advances within this field of testing, hence the huge number of processes and techniques that exist today. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has effectively helped developers, streamlining the development process and optimizing productivity.  

To know in depth all the contributions that artificial intelligence has made, we will start by explaining what it is. 

What is AI? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the set and combination of algorithms that simulate the process of a human intelligence. A computer science that aims to synthesize and structure data through big data. 

It is a versatile technology, capable of acquiring knowledge and learning automatically from data, called Machine Learning.  In which patterns of operation are designed based on “trial and error” learning through the use of statistical procedures, a set of computer instructions are elaborated that allow classifications to be made. 

In the case of software development, AI has been a determining factor in Quality Assurance. 

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The contribution of AI in software development 

As we mentioned in our previous article, Quality Assurance has been gaining popularity in recent years. As its name indicates, it is about guaranteeing the quality of the services or products as well as the process itself.  

In software development, it is essential to know that the product or service complies with previously defined standards. However, the Quality Assurance must check the quality of the software during all the stages of the process. 

The advent of artificial intelligence has made it possible to develop software that can self-learn, process data and program behavioral patterns. As it happens in the cases of Quality Assurance automation. 

CENTUM Digital has been providing Quality Assurance to companies for more than 15 years. Developing more agile methodologies that shorten cycles and do not hinder the go-to-market. 


Artificial Intelligence in Quality Assurance 

Undoubtedly, we are facing a completely competitive scenario in which customer satisfaction and customer experience is one of the key factors for business success.  

This has resulted in companies seeking to optimize and prioritize testers and quality assurance.  Therefore, the role of artificial intelligence has meant a breakthrough, which not only allows to streamline processes, but also to anticipate them. 

It is a new reality that helps to run tests automatically, develop digital assistants and increase the productivity of work teams, among others. 

Main benefits of AI 

We can highlight four key factors that AI has brought to Quality Assurance testing: 

  • Data testing of Big Data 

The volume of data received by companies is increasing, thanks to the Big Data tool provided by artificial intelligence, data processing has been streamlined. 

This technology has allowed us to collect, process and treat data quickly. 

    • Analyze data in large volumes 
    • Verification of data processing 
    • Apply precision techniques 
    • Improve automatic testing 

The number of companies benefiting from artificial intelligence and machine learning is increasing.  In particular, machine learning has had a major impact on automated testing. 

This has enabled developers to automate users’ browsing practices and deliver better quality of services. 

  • Test Scripts and Visual Testing 

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to incorporate into automated testing, control activities that evaluate results more quickly and accurately. 

Detecting possible visual failures, evaluating if the products or services are visualized and work as expected in the scripts. Allowing the simplest errors to be traced. 

  • Reducing time and improving team productivity. 

Artificial intelligence collects the different user flows and elaborates possible test cases. Increasing test coverage and performing automated tests more effectively. 

This incorporation simplifies tasks, reduces waiting times, improves accuracy and increases test coverage.  

CENTUM Digital, specialized in Quality Assurance 

At CENTUM Digital we are aware of the great advances that artificial intelligence means in quality control and testing. Therefore, we have real testing experts, who develop specific solutions for each organization. 

We have a multidisciplinary testing team that helps companies to choose the option that best suits their needs. We offer automated and manual testing. 

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