Certified Digital Evidence

WebShot is a solution to capture content. Users and companies can obtain digital evidence and certified proof. 

See how WebShot works

What is WebShot?

WebShot is a solution that allows you to certify web pages, social networks, or emails in a matter of minutes. In this way, companies and users can obtain irrefutable certified evidence.

The evidence obtained by WebShot is not manipulable or editable, so it can form a solid proof for the user who provides it.

How WebShot works?

In just a few minutes, you can obtain your certified evidence, with the seal and digital signature that makes it impossible to tamper with the document.

WebShot obtains certified evidence of content, links and images for each site analyzed.


Case of use

WebShot’s service is intended for:

  • Cases of defamation of companies.
  • Threats to a representative.
    Inappropriate use of intellectual property and information.
  • Commercialization of products without the company’s consent.

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