Cybersecurity for Public Administration

Protect your company with smart cybersecurity solutions.



Through the audit service, the cybersecurity status of an organization is checked according to the needs and requirements to be evaluated.

After the audit, an executive report is delivered with the results and a technical report to see the possible impact of vulnerabilities, as well as the necessary measures for mitigation.

In CENTUM Digital we believe that cybersecurity starts from regulatory compliance, so we help you identify the standards that your industry requires and work with you to adapt your processes.

We guarantee companies the certification in information security regulations, such as ISO 27001 and the National Cybersecurity Scheme

Regulatory Compliance

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At Centum, we offer customized phishing campaigns and webinars. In addition, we simulate attacks to see how users react to them. Training can be conducted at all levels of the company, regardless of the employee’s responsibility.


Detection of IT security threats and data leakage. Centralized cybersecurity is responsible for unifying all security events at one point for management.  

SOC deployment and operation

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