Cybersecurity for Large Business

Protect your company with smart cybersecurity solutions. 

SOC deployment and operation

Detection of IT security threats and data leakage. Centralized cybersecurity is responsible for unifying all security events at one point for management.  

Simulation of cyber-attacks to identify and manage and exploit the vulnerabilities of a system in order to prevent future cyber-attacks.

  • Perimeter pentesting to test the environment.
  • A cyber-attack is simulated through internal pentesting to check the status of the corporation’s systems.
  • The security system of a web server is tested through web pestesting to avoid any type of threat.
  • Product pentesting to check if the company is following the standards. 



Forensic Analysis

Through the forensic analysis service we help companies to know the origin of a cyber-attack:

  • Rapid response within 24 hours.
  • Collection of digital evidence on those systems that suffered a cyberattack.
  • Analysis of digital evidence to know the scope and take the necessary measures after a cyberattack.
  • CENTUM Digital recovers lost information.

In CENTUM Digital we believe that cybersecurity starts from regulatory compliance, so we help you identify the standards that your industry requires and work with you to adapt your processes.

We guarantee companies the certification in information security regulations, such as ISO 27001 and the National Cybersecurity Scheme

Regulatory Compliance


In a company, it is important the figure out a cybersecurity expert who provides the necessary knowledge on the subject.

In CENTUM Digital we advise you on cybersecurity so that your company knows the importance.

Small or Medium Business?

Cyber intelligence collects public information on social networks, Dark Web and Deep Web:

  • Phishing and Cybersquatting increase the detection of phishing attacks.
  • The unauthorized use of branding aims to detect potential threats.
  • Monitoring of fake pages in open sources that affect the list of VIPs established by the entity.
  • Detection of credentials belonging to the company’s mail domains. 



At Centum, we offer customized phishing campaigns and webinars. In addition, we simulate attacks to see how users react to them. Training can be conducted at all levels of the company, regardless of the employee’s responsibility.


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