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Soter is a small device that, through connectivity to the company’s internal network, allows remote audits and monitoring of all activity, detecting any vulnerability in the system. 

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What does Soter consist of?

Soter is a plug-and-play device that connects to a company’s internal network: 

  • Monitors your activity detecting and notifying any vulnerability in the system.
  • It allows remote audits and monitoring.

Soter is a small device that connects to a company’s internal network.

Once configured, surveillance and monitoring of digital activity will be enabled. Companies will be able to detect and act in time to protect themselves from any threat.

The system even simulates the presence of intruders on the internal network to provide an actionable response and prevent attacks before the consequences are catastrophic.


How Soter works?

Remote audits

  • Checking the security status of the company’s internal network completely remotely.
  • Execution of vulnerability scans of all assets connected to the internal network.
  • Executive report that reflects the company’s security status for decision making.
  • Technical report with a detailed description of the vulnerabilities found, possible impact and proposal of clear and concise mitigation measures.
  • Simulation of intruder entry into the internal network and application of Red Team techniques.
  • Captures of internal network traffic for further analysis.

Internal network traffic control:

  • Monitoring of internal network activity that allows the detection and notification of suspicious activities within the network that could be the cause of a cybersecurity incident.

Soter features

Small plug and play device. 

Constant monitoring, network analysis and periodic reporting. 

Immediate notification in the event of a threat attack. 

Neutralization plan with concrete defense measures. 

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