At Centum, we help you to protect your company against cybersecurity attacks. We understand that budgets are limited, so we help you to allocate resources to the areas most at risk.

Our strengths

  • We offer service plans that provide the right kind of protection depending on the assets to be protected.
  • We devise a cybersecurity strategy for your company. Every organisation requires an individual plan. That’s why we don’t believe in report templates.
  • We are both digital and open source. 90% of the software we use is open source. This enables us to pass on cost savings to you and keep you updated on our activities.
  • Code of ethics: Our vulnerability analysis and pen testing are conducted in accordance with a code of ethics, which we commit to in dealings with our clients. We are dedicated to our clients and we want you to place your trust in us.

What we offer


Cybersecurity starts with regulatory compliance. We work with you to identify the norms and standards stipulated in your industry and help you to adapt your processes. In our experience, a company that complies with security regulations is far less vulnerable and falls victim to fewer attacks. Allow us to assist you.


We offer a service pack of measures aimed at protecting your company, securing access and preventing incidents.

In this context, we carry out the following activities:

  • Asset identification
  • Application of all/part of the National Security Framework to your business
  • Observance of INCIBE’s recommendations for your sector
  • We perform recurrent black, grey and white box vulnerability assessments on your organisation
  • Cloud log correlation service in our SIEM
  • Campaigns to raise awareness for cybersecurity – and not just with regards to phishing. Get in touch to find out more.


Incidents do occur and having a responsive team is key. We offer ourselves as a partner for these situations. We can assist you with the following:

  • Data recovery
  • Forensic analysis to determine why the incident occurred
  • Expert report to be used for legal action
  • Defence of the report

SoteR. Network vulnerability tracking

Often times, when you discover that your system is susceptible to attack, it is too late and the cost of reversing the situation is very high.

With SoteR, our control device, you will be able to have a previous and precise diagnosis of the weaknesses of your network through constant monitoring. In addition, it generates network analysis with periodic reports and notifies you immediately in the event of a threat or attack.

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We have been experts in manually testing equipment and networks since 2005. We also have our own automated testing platform, developed methodology and experience. Interested in finding out more?


Discover our automatic APN configuration platform. Keep your customers browsing.


CENTUM Digital has more than 16 years of experience in the provision of critical systems engineering services in the most demanding environments.


Based on our extensive experience in electronic, communications and software engineering, we offer Industry 4.0 and connected industry projects and solutions. These help to optimise industrial processes by means of digitalisation and big data and artificial intelligence algorithms.


Systems Engineering

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Quality Assurance

The power of Automation

Nowadays all companies seek convenience, efficiency and speed when developing and carrying out their computer processes to detect any errors and vulnerabilities that may exist. 


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