Centum Digital will take part in Tecnosec

On May 11 and 12, Tecnosec, the Fair of High Police, Intelligence and Security Technologies, will be held. An event in which the greatest business opportunities specialized in technological solutions will be concentrated. 

In this article you can learn a little more about Tecnosec and the presence of Centum Digital at this fair. 

What is Tecnosec? 

Tecnosec is a technology fair for police forces, security institutions and critical infrastructures, which will have solutions for national security, counterterrorism, economic and industrial intelligence and against organized crime. 

Tecnosec is an event sponsored by the Ministry of the Interior and organized by APTIE that will take place in the Glass Pavilion of Madrid from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You will find the main security actors and knowledge of the national industry of security technologies and a specialized R + D + i. 

In the exhibition area of the pavilion the following areas will be located: 

  • Police, security and intelligence technologies. 
  • Communications, command and control. 
  • Scientific and criminalistic police. 
  • Platforms and sensors. 
  • Cybersecurity: Cyber defense and Cibersec. 
  • Protection of critical infrastructures. 
  • Border security and major events. 

In addition to the exhibition area, where the stands of the technology companies will be located, Tecnosec will have various activities such as round tables and commercial presentations. 

The commercial presentations will be held in the IDEMIA Room of Tecnosec. One of the presentations will be given by Héctor Estévez, CEO of CENTUM Research & Technology, a company located in Vigo and belonging to the CENTUM group. During his presentation, Héctor Estévez will talk about the detection and location of mobile phones in security environments.  

In parallel to this event will take place DRONExpo, a fair dedicated to the technology of drones, antidrones and applications, which is the perfect combination for the implementation of these technologies in the bodies and security entities for their operations. 


Presence of CENTUM Digital in Tecnosec  

The CENTUM Group will assist Tecnosec with two of its member companies: CENTUM Digital, located in Madrid and specialized in cybersecurity and CENTUM Research & Technology, located in Vigo and experts in aeronautical systems. 

Both will be located at stand E14 and F13 located next to the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police.  

For its part, CENTUM Digital will present its Cybersecurity solutions, specifically the following services: 

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a data loss prevention software, whose function is to prevent possible leaks of information before they occur. Through this solution, the average time of use of employees can be measured and possible information leaks can be detected. 


  • Cyberintelligence/OSINT, through this solution an analysis is carried out to collect the public information of the companies with the aim of avoiding possible fraud and damaging the reputation of the company. 


  • WebShot, certifies the content of any website, social network or email in cases of defamation, libel or marketing of products without prior consent. In the certified digital evidence you can obtain: the URL of access, date and time in which the capture is made, content of the web page and the geolocation of the hosting of the page.  


  • Cybersecurity training: at CENTUM Digital we offer personalized training campaigns in cybersecurity, with the aim of knowing all the digital threats that exist today and avoiding being attacked by any of these. 


Within the stand there will be events such as the development of several demos of our cybersecurity services. One of these events will be the simulation of a cyberattack, this activity will be in charge of the cybersecurity expert of the company, who will make brief demonstrations of how a cyberattack occurs and the risks and threats that these cause in a company. 

In addition to these services, CENTUM Digital has other cybersecurity solutions, aimed at preventing cyberattacks. Learn a little more about what CENTUM Digital can offer you in cybersecurity matters.  



At Centum we help you protect your company against cybersecurity attacks and we help you focus your resources on the areas of greatest risk.
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