CENTUM Digital will take part in ExpoQA

On June 31, 1, and 2, the ExpoQA fair will take place, a meeting point for Software Testing and Quality Engineering professionals at the IFEMA fairgrounds in Madrid.  

Through this article, you can learn a little more about ExpoQA and the presence of CENTUM Digital.   


What is ExpoQA?  


ExpoQA is a fair dedicated for three days in a row to software testing and quality engineering together with professionals in the sector.  ExpoQA will start at 9:00 and end at 18:00 on all three days.   

An event attended by experts from around the world from Test Automation, Microservices Testing, API Testing, AI Testing, Big Data Testing, Manual and Exploratory Testing, Test Management, Testing and Embedded Software, and DevtestOps.  

In this event, different practical workshops will take place, with workshops that will take place on May 31. On June 1 and 2 there will be conferences on 5 tracks, held by professionals in the sector. 

On June 1, in the main presentation hall, track 1, “the great debate” will take place, between experts, industry, and the public. It’s an opportunity to express your opinion on one of the four hot topics of software testing. 

This activity will last 60 minutes and there will be a total of four rounds with a period of 15 minutes each. The public will have the opportunity to participate in each round, debating with the experts and sponsors to finally vote for the one they consider the winner of each round with the best argument.



The presence of CENTUM Digital at ExpoQA  


CENTUM Digital will attend ExpoQA to present its solutions in Quality Assurance, both automatic with its test automation platform on physical devices, YaTT, and manual.   

On June 2, a conference will be held by Moisés Rodríguez, director of the Telco, Media & Cybersecurity area of CENTUM Digital, under the name of “automation is not for everyone”. A presentation that will answer all the questions that arise around automation: why automate and when to start doing it?  When should I do Manual QA and when should I do automatic QA? 

This presentation will begin at 12:25 on Track 4.   


Within the Quality Assurance, CENTUM Digital has three different types of testing: manual, automatic, and hybrid.   

  • Manual testing allows greater flexibility in the test plan and executing tests in greater detail. This QA is ideal for those products that are not fully mature and that need the intervention of a person to perform the execution of the tests.   
  • At CENTUM Digital we have developed YaTT, a test automation platform. An automatic testing solution that allows programmed executions on physical devices in a single interface. This platform is compatible with both mobile phones and tablets, IOS and Android, as well as smartTV, STB, and Web.   
  • Hybrid QA is a service through which we help companies select the type of QA that best suits the needs of their company. At CENTUM we accompany you throughout the process of running tests and we advise you when it is convenient to make a testing change in your tests. 


If you want to see small demonstrations of how our test automation platform performs test executions, come to our stand S12. We are waiting for you! 


Discover all our Quality Assurance services at CENTUM Digital. 



Automated Testing

Working in short cycle times means that Quality Assurance must be accelerated and this is not always possible manually.

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