CENTUM Digital participates in Space and Defense Industry

CENTUM Digital participates in the Space and Defense Industry event, held on November 22nd and 23rd in Seville, with our Cybersecurity Manager, Diego Fernandez, who highlights the challenges that companies face in terms of cybersecurity.  

The event brought together experts and professionals from the aerospace, cybersecurity and defense industries. Participants were from both public and private institutions.  

Space, Security and Defense: Industrial and Technological Capabilities  

The second day of the event focused on cybersecurity, where Diego Fernandez focused his speech on how to address the risks and threats faced by Spanish industries, highlighting the importance of establishing security perimeters and centralizing control panels.  

“Digital transformation has changed life, the way we communicate and the way we work. It is a completely living process to which we have to constantly adapt. It’s completely positive, but it obviously carries associated risks: greater exposure, systems with more and more connections, more players…”  

This transformation involves the intervention of a greater number of factors that imply more connections, more players and therefore a greater number of risks. These risks are linked to an increase in vulnerabilities.  

“From CENTUM Digital we value and see that risks are difficult to measure. What is clear is that we must identify them, give them a name and a number, giving them visibility and proposing mitigating measures. ”  

For his part, he considers that it is important to classify these risks, despite their difficulty. It is also essential to monitor them in order to mitigate vulnerabilities.  

Need to Establish a Security Perimeter 

As he mentions, traditionally, the perimeter was known as the famous firewall, which controlled our private network, to which we configured to give access to customers. It only required a provider who needed to be notified in advance to gain access.  

Currently, it is considered convenient to establish internal cybersecurity policies, through an initial risk analysis.   

From CENTUM Digital we work to simplify the perimeter, starting with an initial risk analysis to know the current situation of the company and know the assets. Continuing with the monitoring of the internal network, which allows us to centralize all the information in a single point. This monitoring allows us to control user access to the information system and configure a Security Management System.  

The importance of Centralized Management of Dashboard 

“The key is the centralized management of dashboards that house our company’s information.”  

Scorecards allow us to take an overview of what is happening in organizations, providing us with information based on financial data, internal processes and customer data. In conclusion, it gives us an overview of the current and future situation of companies.  

Being necessary a cycle, a continuous review and support from professionals, as this information is vital to avoid future vulnerabilities.  

Cybersecurity Solutions 

At CENTUM Digital we are experts in intelligent cybersecurity solutions and we help companies to prevent any type of digital attack. Our solutions are designed to improve the competitiveness of companies in the market and adapted to both private and public institutions regardless of their size.


At Centum we help you protect your company against cybersecurity attacks and we help you focus your resources on the areas of greatest risk.


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