CENTUM Digital participates in Cybersecurity Webinar: port-logistic Security

As every week in CENTUM Digital, we update you on the latest developments in cybersecurity. In this case, we will tell you all about our last participation in one of the cybersecurity webinars created by Logistop, called “Logistic-port security: trends and applications in cybersecurity in ports”.  

This webinar was held last Wednesday, October 19, 2022, by several leading companies, including Tecnalia, Axians-Vinci Energies, r + D + I TIC, Logistop, Valenciaport Foundation, and CENTUM digital.  

In our case, Diego Fernández González, cyber security manager of CENTUM Digital was the one who analyzed and explained in detail the dangers faced by logistics-port companies.  

“The port sector has to face and manage a large number of services, each of them its own casuistry, so its protection against cyberattacks poses multiple challenges that, to face, the establishment of good security policies and a good risk analysis are key tools”

The biggest trends within the port area are the theft of information, the spread of malware on devices, encryption of systems and devices.  

We could mention all the main risks faced by the port environment, but in reference to what concerns us, they are network and operational espionage attacks, and phishing attacks to obtain passwords.  

Earlier in our blog, we inquired about the continuous phishing attacks that companies receive, find out here 

To avoid all these types of events, at Centum Digital we advise you: 

  1. Performing a good analysis of risks, we consider that it is one of the key tools to prevent any type of cyberattack, since it allows us to identify and detect dangers well in advance.
  2. To apply good security policies, always following the current regulations, ISO 27001, national security scheme.
  3. Execute organizational endpoint protection practices that can protect enterprise networks from any threat.
  4. Apply access control, which allows continuous monitoring of users to facilitate the arrest of information leaks. Performing backups and restores.
  5. Performing backups and restores.
  6. Establish DLP (Data Loss Prevention) a data loss prevention software that detects a possible leak or alarm of said activity.
  7. Implement Cloud security in order to mitigate repercussions and detect the risk of intruders.

At CENTUM we consider the security of companies as a priority and we are aware of the constant threat that companies face. Therefore, we offer intelligent cybersecurity solutions that help deal with this situation. 


En Centum te ayudamos a proteger tu empresa frente a ataques de ciberseguridad y a enfocar tus recursos en las zonas de mayor riesgo.


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