What will happen with 5G in Spain?

Currently, the Government of Spain maintains its commitment to promoting digital technologies. As reflected in the 2023 General State Budget (PGE), Spain will invest 45% of the funds in the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan.   Accounts with an investment character that are committed to business competitiveness, connectivity, and the promotion of R + D […]

The evolution of MVNOs and lessons learned.

Evolución de los OMV

The telecommunications sector is evolving rapidly and has undergone a major transformation in recent years. In just two decades Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) have undergone great changes thanks to technological, legislative and social progress. In an industry as dynamic as this one, 20 years is a long time. That’s why in this post we […]

MVNOs: Five trends for 2022.

OMV Cinco tendencias para el 2022

The sector of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) is undergoing a major period of transformation and dynamism: First, there is strong demand for accessible telecommunications services due to the opening of new markets and the increased use of mobile devices. At the same time, we are witnessing a period of technological transition that will bring […]

Differences between MVNOs and traditional operators.

Differences between MVNOs and traditional operators

Mobile virtual network operators, which these days are so prevalent, continue to generate doubts as to what they are or how they differ from other operators. Although it is easy to understand the “MVNOconcept”, when we delve into the different types of MVNO and how they differ from other operators, the matter becomes more complicated. […]

What is an MVNO and what are the main MVNOs in Spain.

Qué es un OMV

In 2006 the telecommunications sector in Spain was deregulated, paving the way to the advent of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). Since then, the market has remained highly dynamic, with various MVNOs entering and leaving. In this article we explain what an MVNO is and outline the main MVNOs in Spain. What is an MVNO? […]

MVNO: why you should switch to an automated APN configuration.

Why you should switch to an automated APN configuration

One of the main reasons users opt for MVNOs is due to their ease and simplicity, both in terms of contracting and in terms of the services required.  From the users’ perspective, having to face a network access problem as soon as they’ve initiated portability is something that clashes head-on with their priorities and needs, […]

Five telecommunications trends for the second half of 2021

tendencias en telecomunicaciones

Back from the summer break and approaching a new month of September, this time it seems that we’re finally able to leave behind the COVID crisis behind us. It’s therefore a good time to analyze what the main trends in telecommunications are for the months ahead. Let’s get down to business. 5G development The fifth […]

Wi-Fi 6: What’s New About It?

Wifi 6

Wifi 6 (Wi-Fi 802.11ax) is going to be increasingly present in homes and businesses. But what are its features and how does it differ from the previous version? Let’s take a look: What is Wi-Fi 6? Wifi 6 is the new wireless transmission standard that boasts improved features compared to its predecessor, Wifi 5. In […]

Why Chatbots and IVR are revolutionising customer service

A key element of most businesses is customer service. You can be offering the best products or services but if they are not accompanied by a pleasant, useful and efficient customer service experience, it’s irrelevant. Turning your customers into brand ambassadors and avoiding bad reviews and ratings is largely dependent on the capacity and quality […]

Benefits of 5G in industrial environments

The change brought about by the advent of 5G is something that will affect our lives on many levels. Our mobile phones are already connected and capable in ways we have never known before, revolutionising the way we consume information. 5G is still developing and will incorporate many features that will have a major impact […]