CENTUM closes an agreement with DIGI to be its automatic APN configuration platform provider.

CENTUM has recently been selected by DIGI, the telecommunications operator belonging to the multinational DIGI Communications, as the provider of its automatic APN (Access Point Network) configuration platform, the access point to the operator’s network through which the cell phone is directed through a virtual path which enables Internet connection. This process takes place through […]

Wi-Fi 6: What’s New About It?

Wifi 6

Wifi 6 (Wi-Fi 802.11ax) is going to be increasingly present in homes and businesses. But what are its features and how does it differ from the previous version? Let’s take a look: What is Wi-Fi 6? Wifi 6 is the new wireless transmission standard that boasts improved features compared to its predecessor, Wifi 5. In […]

Energy Harvesting system for IoT sensors

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually gaining importance in our everyday lives and it is set to become a real revolution. The technological barriers and limitations to its implementation are increasingly being overcome. One of these barriers is the use of sensors and their power supply. Let’s look at this in more detail here. […]

I want to carry out automated testing, how do I go about it?

hacer testing automático

Nowadays, production systems are more agile than ever. Market demand and development cycles are becoming increasingly shorter. It is therefore important for companies to have a quality system in place that allows for shorter cycles while still maintaining excellence.. This is where Quality Assurance (QA) comes into play. It is a process-based (rather than product-based) […]

Why Chatbots and IVR are revolutionising customer service

A key element of most businesses is customer service. You can be offering the best products or services but if they are not accompanied by a pleasant, useful and efficient customer service experience, it’s irrelevant. Turning your customers into brand ambassadors and avoiding bad reviews and ratings is largely dependent on the capacity and quality […]

Levels of criticality in electronic systems

There are two things that characterise the development of software for critical systems: their importance and their difficulty. These are systems in which a failure or an error in their operation may result in the loss of human life, loss of the equipment itself or significant damage to the environment. These systems are known as […]

Hardware development in the aeronautics industry

The aeronautics sector is currently undergoing major development and this is expected to continue over the next few years. This means that the demand for components for this type of apparatus will grow, in contrast to other many other industry sectors and their suppliers. But the aerospace sector has its own rules. Anyone who is […]

Benefits of 5G in industrial environments

The change brought about by the advent of 5G is something that will affect our lives on many levels. Our mobile phones are already connected and capable in ways we have never known before, revolutionising the way we consume information. 5G is still developing and will incorporate many features that will have a major impact […]

European support for digitisation and energy efficiency in industry

ayudas europeas

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has changed. The crisis had a huge impact globally and we are now facing a double challenge: economic recovery and making changes for a better future. On 26th May 2020, the European Union agreed on an unprecedented Recovery Plan to make tomorrow’s Europe more modern, more sustainable and more […]

Unsupervised learning for anomaly detection

detección de anomalías

Our current and future economy is data-driven, with increasingly connected environments, more flexible means of production and automated processes. In this context, the ability to identify anomalies quickly and reliably is an important competitive advantage. In this article, we explain how the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and unsupervised learning in anomaly detection can help […]