The role of AI in cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence systems have become in recent years crucial tools to support and reinforce the work performed by humans in cybersecurity. AI is able to provide threat analysis and identification that cybersecurity experts can employ to decrease risk and improve security.  

Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity encompasses a large set of disciplines such as machine learning cybersecurity and deep learning. The goal of AI is to give a natural response to more complex tasks. Its programming is designed to find the best solutions in any situation.  

In the case of machine learning, human intervention is still necessary to make some changes. Machine learning is likely to be the most important SUBJECT of AI cybersecurity of the moment. Deep learning is quite similar to automatic and even falls within the scope of it.  

Cybersecurity AI is able to minimize risks by quickly detecting malware on the network, sending incident response, and detecting all types of threats before they occur.  

AI systems are susceptible to cyberattacks, to avoid this must be developed secure systems, which preserve privacy, which we can trust and in turn are accepted by users.  

It is important to create cybersecurity strategies of artificial intelligence and R&D&I and that all these are coordinated to create new techniques, methods and tools that help the design, development and validation of systems that are based on artificial intelligence.  

Some of the tools of AI in cybersecurity are: 

  • Intrusion detection: Artificial intelligence is capable of detecting network attacks, malware infections and other types of cyberattacks. 
  • Cyber analysis: analyzes Big Data and detects any cybersecurity anomalies in a company. 
  • Secure software development: AI helps create more secure software, providing developers with real-time information on their code.  

However, artificial intelligence today is not able to interpret the results as a human would. This point continues to develop seeking to acquire algorithms with certain similarities to that of human thought. 

Cybersecurity experts have long been using solutions such as AI in computer security issues. In recent times there has been a growing increase in cyberattacks so these professionals have had the need to implement new tools and more advanced technologies to be at the height of cyberattacks and be able to prevent and avoid them.  

How can AI protect your company from cyberattacks? 

AI has a fundamental role in the fight against cyberattacks and although it cannot replace human beings, it is helping to protect and defend your company from all kinds of malicious intrusions. Some features of AI in cybersecurity are: 

  • Automatic threat detection: The first way AI can help fight cyberattacks is by automating threat detection. There are automatic algorithms that detect user behavior or any anomaly in system performance.  
  • Automatic analysis: uses algorithms to analyze large amounts of data. 
  • Predictive analytics: it is able to prevent future threats through predictive analytics. This type of analysis helps organizations discover what their security breaches are in order to try to close them before an attack occurs.  
  • Anomaly detection: AI systems are able to detect any irregularities in network traffic or data flows. This feature is critical to detect any anomalies before they occur in a future cyberattack. 
  • Security automation: Another function of AI in cybersecurity is that it automates and implements new security policies and protocol. Automating the implementation of cybersecurity can be useful for:  
  • Save time. 
  • Reduce human error. 
  • Provide cost-effective solutions with greater precision. 
  • Deliver immediate results. 
  • Security orchestration: Artificial intelligence can automate various routine tasks that consume a lot of time and resources, such as detecting anomalous behaviors or identifying unknown users of the network.  

It must be remembered that cyberattacks can affect the systems of the company at any time, so the role of cybersecurity in these times is fundamental and is not a whim or a luxury that only large companies can obtain but a need of all types of companies, especially SMEs. In this article you will be able to know a little about the types of cyberattacks that exist and measures to avoid them 

In conclusion, cybersecurity is a rather complex and at the same time necessary topic, AI is a complement to cybersecurity since it allows to establish powerful collaborations between humans and machines that expand our knowledge, enrich and promote cybersecurity.  

CENTUM Digital’s cybersecurity solutions  

At CENTUM Digital we have large and advanced cybersecurity solutions that can help prevent any company from suffering a cyberattack. When developing these cybersecurity solutions at CENTUM Digital, we have thought about both the needs of large companies and small companies (SMEs).  

At CENTUM we offer everything from cybersecurity auditors to a forensic analysis to locate from where a cyberattack has occurred and we also have a data recovery service. We also have a cybersecurity training service for companies, so that the members of a company know the computer risks that exist and are able to avoid them. 

Together with all these solutions in CENTUM we are aware that all companies need a series of mandatory cybersecurity documents, that is why we have a regulatory compliance service from where we help companies to manage these documents.  


At Centum we help you protect your company against cybersecurity attacks and we help you focus your resources on the areas of greatest risk.
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