About us

At CENTUM, we understand our clients’ challenges and develop advanced value-added digital services and solutions aimed at improving their competitiveness on the global market.

Our fundamental pillars


Embedded in an organisational model and culture that reflects the following corporate values:

  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Optimism
  • Self-discipline
  • Customer focus

They consistently promote the development of an ideal ecosystem in which people can unleash their talents without constraint.


The basis for the company’s strategic and business development.


A continuous process of value creation that is geared towards the needs of our customers and applies cutting-edge technological expertise.




Foundation of the company and launch of its two original services:

  • Standardisation of mobile devices, as an independent laboratory for the three main mobile telephone operators.
  • Integration of avionics systems for the defence aeronautics industry.

Prizes awarded in recognition of business growth and innovation:

  • AJE Madrid
  • Caixa Emprendedor XXI.
  • Jaime I.

International expansion process

  • EUROPA (Alemania, Francia, UK).
  • LATAM (Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Perú).

Investments made in the development of our own technology.


Launch of OPP for automatic APN configuration.


Launch of YaTT, a platform for automating the testing of APPs on more than 300 device models.


Launch of ATENA, GPS spoofer as a countermeasure in the anti-drone fight.


Launch of NoJamZone (NJZ), an interference detection and geolocation system.


Launch of IVR testing, an automatic system for the continuous monitoring of interactive voice and chat bot platforms.

Launch of SaCBird, an outbound automation tool for call centres.


Opening of offices in Cádiz.

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