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CENTUM Digital is a company of the CENTUM Group that is devoted to improving the competitiveness of its clients by providing digital solutions that optimise their quality and security, as well as that of the products they sell.

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This is where new technologies are put to the test. At Centum, we have been testing everything from aircraft to mobile firmware for more than 15 years. The QA process has to be both exhaustive and swift. We are experts in short cycle automation and manual testing in areas that do not allow for automatic testing.


We offer solutions that are specifically tailored, rather than adapted, to MVNOs. They are cloud-based products that provide greater flexibility. Our platform can configure the APN in a way that is almost transparent to the user. SACBird is a powerful call centre tool that allows operators to automate calls very efficiently.


It is important that you protect your business with state-of-the-art cybersecurity technology. At Centum Digital, we offer service plans that provide the right kind of protection depending on the assets to be protected. We also streamline your budget to allocate resources to the areas most at risk. We are both digital and open source. We comply with legal regulations while adhering to our code of ethics, which demonstrates our full commitment to our customers.


We have more than 16 years of experience working on critical systems engineering projects in the aviation, naval, defence, railway and automotive sectors. We guide you through all stages of the certification process. We advise you on critical decisions in order to ensure that safety is guaranteed. We assist you in all hardware/software assurance matters. And we help you to ensure that your equipment complies with environmental requirements.


At CENTUM Digital, we offer Industry 4.0 and connected industry projects and solutions. These help to optimise industrial processes by means of digitalisation and big data and artificial intelligence algorithms, allowing you to make decisions using the most reliable data. We improve and maintain the quality of your communications with state-of-the-art technology.


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We want to make you a part of the success of our projects and give you the opportunity to further your professional career in a high-tech, digital environment. You will get to work with the best clients in the markets in which we operate. We value your talent and we want to get to know you.

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